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Bolletin Number 05

Dear Amigos of the BEN:

Greetings from the ACM, we hope that you are well and ask that you accept our apologies for having taken so long to get this bulletin to you.  We assure you that it was not due to a lack of news; rather, these past few months have been incredibly full of activities at the ACM, many of which you can read about below.  As always please send your comments or concerns to us at, and enjoy the bulletin.

20th Anniversary Trek Across the BEN

On April 29th twenty-four spirited hikers set out in the early morning on a quest to cross the BEN.  A group of fifteen left the Monteverde Reserve toward Poco Sol, and nine left Poco Sol and headed up toward Monteverde. The groups met up in Eladios refuge, where they enjoyed a delicious café Monteverde and dinner prepared by Eladio. The next day, Sunday April 30th, both groups continued the trek, crossing some of the most difficult terrain that the BEN has to offer.  All participants arrived well despite rumors of hungry dantas near the trails.  The hike was organized in honor of the ACM’s 20th anniversary, but we hope that this hike will become an annual event.  Below you can find pictures and a list of participants.


Monte Verde / Pocosol

 Ulises Arce

Victoria Broadus

Martha Campbell

Michael García

James Hixson

Bob Law

Juanita Leitón

Carlos L. Muñoz

Susie Newswanger

Yúber Rodríguez


 Above: Group in Eladios;  Below: Some members of the MV – Poco Sol group at  la Ventana with Wilford Guindon.
Aníbal Torres

Jorge A. Torres

Mauricio Torres

Marvin Torres

Osvaldo Vargas

Pocosol/Monte Verde

Mario Espinoza

Julia Matamoros

Eduardo Méndez

Esteban Méndez

Dilson Mesén

Marvin Ramírez

Guillermo Rodríguez

Marcelo Rodríguez

Luis A. Solano


Hikers with Eladio Cruzen route.
Hikers Marvin Torres and
Michael Garcia help fellow hikerSusie Newswanger to cross Peñas Blancas.
Laguna Poco Sol.


15 Wilderness First Responders Born

The 4th Wilderness First Response (WFR) course , given by the Wilderness Medical Association, was held at Poco Sol Station the 13th thru the 21st of June.  The WFR course combines study in the classroom, practical training in the field, and simulations of emergency situations that prepare students to take care of patients in rural situations in which transfer to a hospital is very difficult if not impossible, and it might take hours or days for paramedics to arrive at the scene.  
This year, fifteen students from Costa Rica, the United States, and Bolivia took part in the course and all fifteen achieved certification as Wilderness First Responders. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Georgia Villaflor, the instructor of all four WFR courses that we have hosted at Poco Sol, and wish her the best of luck as she continues her studies.
Below you can view photos of the course…



Georgia Villaflor and Adolfo Segura secure Alan Masters’ arm in a sling.

Mauricio Garcia and Arturo Cruz secured in stretchers improvised by rescuers (L-R) Diego Chacón, Richard Joyce, Roman Quisbert, Alan Masters (fingers) and Adolfo Segura

Above: Students observe method for placing a patient on a stretcher;
Below L: Victoria Broadus and Rosemario Menacho save victim Adolfo Segura;

Below R:  Ronny Rodriguez (Monteverde Police) and Maday Menacho stablilize victim Arturo Cruz’s leg
The group of proud Wilderness First Responders.

FUNDECOOPERACION Sustainable Tourism Project Approved

On June 23rd the ACM received a piece of news that we have been eagerly awaiting for years.  The proposal that was first sent in 2003 to the Costa Rican organization FUNDECOOPERACION, which manages funds for bilateral agreements principally between Costa Rica and Holland, was finally approved.  FUNDECOOPERACION will grant the ACM approximately $120,000 to carry out the Sustainable Tourism Project outlined in the proposal.  This project involves the BEN’s neighboring communities San Juan and la Lucha, where organizations of farmers and the school of la Lucha are going to work together with the ACM to attract eco-tourists to the area.

 A part of the funds will go toward the construction of a new Poco Sol station as well as a small restaurant in San Juan where the organization of farmers already has a building.  The idea is that groups of tourists will be able to go horseback riding between the new Poco Sol Station and the restaurant of San Juan, where there will also be a medicinal plants project. These groups will then be able to visit the nearby school in la Lucha, where the students will guide tourists through the trails that they have on their campus and put on traditional dance performances.  Through this project the ACM hopes to bring new possibilities to neighboring communities while involving them more in conservation efforts, and also attract many more visitors to Poco Sol.  We are extremely proud and excited to have won this grant and look forward to carrying out the project!
Below is a possible plan for the new Poco Sol Station which was laid out by Geovanny Rodriguez Santamaría. Please send us any comments you might have about the plan.


Carlos Muñoz with former ACM employee Crisley Céspedes in a meeting in 2004 with the farmers of San Juan, in the building that will be converted into a restaurant.

Possible Plan for Poco Sol

Architectonic story at 0 m
It is being proposed that we use this first story
For the kitchen and eating space, as well as access To the second story by stairs and rampos. We have Also thought about including a reception Area on this first story where tourists can leave Their bags, coats, boots, etc.

- Geovanny Rodriguez Santamaría

Architectonic story at 2.5 m
On the second story we will have the rooms with a
capacity for 30 people as well as the showers and

-Geovanny Rodriguez Santamaría


Megafauna Park Opens in Chomes, Puntarenas

Valeria Fallas, age 9, and Ignacio Picado, age 11, in the new Megafauna Park.

The Megafauna Park in Chomes had its grand opening on July 1st. The park, which is a joint project between the ACM and the Productores de Monteverde, consists of about 2 kilometers of trails that wind around twenty-six life-sized statues of prehistoric Costa Rican creatures such as the Giant Sloth and the Ancient Horse; also in the mix are dinosaurs that never lived on Costa Rican soil and some species, such as the Spider Monkey and the Tapir, which are still around today but are in danger of extinction.  The park will be administered between the Productores de Monteverde, who have a restaurant there, and the ACM.  We would like to invite you to visit the park, which is directly off the Pan-American Highway in Chomes, Puntarenas.  Bob Law, ACM co-founder and the donor of the statues, has earmarked all of ACM’s income from the park for environmental education.


National Park Day in Monteverde

As we mentioned in the most recent bulletin, Monteverde was chosen to be the site of National Park Day, which will take place on August 24th.  Commissions have already begun working on a national, regional, and local level to prepare all of the activities for the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.  Most of these activities will take place around the campus of the Santa Elena High School. We hope that you will be able to participate!


Upcoming Stress Management Course

Once again, Giselle Rodriguez and Doctor Robinson Rodriguez are teaming up to bring another stress management course to San Gerardo Station. The course will begin on Saturday, September 16th and end on Sunday, September 17th, with a focus not on how to rid one’s life of stress but rather how to manage stress and overcome it.  The cost of the course will be ¢ 35,000.00 (thirty-five thousand colones).  If you have questions about the course or would like to sign up, please email Giselle Rodriguez at or call 645-5003 or 645-5200.

May, 2006

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