Reforestation Program

On some occasions, natural regeneration of forest habitat is the best solution, but in other situations it is necessary to actively reforest to restore native ecosystems. Through its reforestation program, the MCL has planted over 1.6 million trees on properties located in the zone of influence of the BEN. The MCL has done this by planting wind breaks on farms with native plant species, planting trees in the watersheds of Río Guacimal and Río La Tigra, as well as through the initiative “project forest in farms”. Projects such as these connected isolated forest patches that guarded clean water sources, as well as provided much needed forest connectivity along the Pacific Slope in the Monteverde area. This year the MCL has proposed to reactivate this program, and one of the goals is to plant at least 10 million trees in the BEN’s zone of influence on the Pacific and Atlantic Slopes.