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Visit the Children’s Eternal Rainforest!

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest (“BEN”) is the largest private reserve in Costa Rica and is quite possibly one of the most biologically diverse 23,000 hectares on the planet.

Our two field stations, San Gerardo and Pocosol, provide an unmatched opportunity to get off the beaten tourist path and into the heart of the majestic forest of the BEN. The San Gerardo Station is a 4 kilometer hike from the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, in Monteverde. The Pocosol Station is accessible in 4-wheel drive vehicle from the La Fortuna, Arenal, and San Carlos areas.

If you don’t have time for an overnight visit to one of our field stations, the unique forest of Bajo del Tigre, in the heart of Monteverde, is perfect for a day or night hike.

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Visit our Main Office across from the gas station in Monteverde, for information, reservations, and souvenirs. 


Educational talks for any audience are available at any of our locations or at hotels in the Monteverde area. Contact for more information.

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