San Gerardo Station

Visiting Monteverde? Get off the beaten tourist path and into the heart of one of the most biodiverse forests on earth! With 7 km of trails through majestic rainforest and magnificent views of the Arenal volcano and Lake Arenal right from the station, San Gerardo is a Costa Rican adventure not to be missed.

San Gerardo Station is a simple, rustic lodge nestled deep in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (BEN), accessible via a 3.5 km hike from the Santa Elena Reserve. Located on the Caribbean slope at about 1,200 meters above sea level, this premontane rainforest is dense and rich with epiphytes and a wide variety of resident and migrant birds, frogs, reptiles, and mammals. The station offers an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding rainforest and is open year-round to tourists, student groups, and researchers.

San Gerardo offers:

  • 7 km of trails through primary and secondary rainforest, and to a waterfall
  • More than 300 species of birds, including the rare Bare-necked Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus glabricollis), endemic to Costa Rica and western Panama
  • Three delicious home-cooked meals per day, included in your stay
  • Rooms with 2 bunks and private bathroom
  • Balcony with spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano, Lake Arenal, and thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest
  • Common area that can be used for lectures and workshops
  • Guided day and night hikes (prior reservations required)
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