Each of the following programs contributes to the protection and conservation of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

Environmental Education

Education is the forest protection of tomorrow, and the MCL has been committed to environmental education since the organization got its start 30 years ago. We continue our environmental outreach efforts in Monteverde, as active members of CEAM (Monteverde Commission on Environmental Education).

We are also focusing on the Caribbean edge of the BEN, where we face greater challenges with hunting and illegal species extraction. To this end, we currently have a full-time environmental educator based in La Tigra de San Carlos, working primarily in elementary schools but also with older youth and adults. Our environmental educator works in about 20 schools near La Tigra, carrying out activities and workshops at each school as well as facilitating field trips to the BEN.


The BEN is practically an ideal natural laboratory, covering 7 life zones and altitudinal gradients on both Pacific and Caribbean slopes. Despite this, relatively little meaningful, long-term scientific research has been carried out in the BEN to date.

If you are interested in doing research in the BEN, contact Lindsay Stallcup at or by phone at 506-2645-5200.


Information for Researchers


Application for research


Researchers Agreement


Audiovisual material collection agreement


Since its inception in 1986, the MCL has been actively involved in reforestation projects and has planted over 1.6 million trees on properties located in the communities surrounding the BEN.

The Bosques en Fincas (“Forests in farms”) project in the early 1990’s worked with local landowners to plant native trees, whether by reforesting parts of their farms or by using native species as windbreaks. This project was instrumental in restoring connectivity between isolated forest patches on the Pacific slope near Monteverde, an area that today forms part of the Bellbird Biological Corridor.

The MCL currently maintains a small tree nursery at Finca Steller (near La Tigra). The trees produced in this nursery are either planted in the BEN or sold at cost to neighbors interested in reforesting with native species.


We offer volunteer opportunities in Monteverde or at the San Gerardo Field Station.  Specific volunteer projects depend on the location, length of stay, experience and skills of the volunteer, and current needs of the organization. We also offer opportunities for student groups at all of our sites, including half day to several day projects.  

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